• 23: Samantha Reyes– Oh boy where do I even start with her? I guess without New York’s DA there would be no Punisher, but still what kind of person sets up a sting on a carousel??? To make matters worse she tried to take Foggy away from Matt, has she done anything good?


  • 22: Blake Tower– of course the assistant district attorney would follow his own boss, not only was he a jerk here, he was a jerk in Luke Cage. “Who’s more foolish the fool or the fool who follows him”



  • 21: Vanessa Marianna– she just wasn’t given much of a background, for this she falls low on the list. Plus she sells white canvases and calls them snowstorms. Talk about a rip off.



  • 20: Mitchell Ellison– most notably he fired Ben Urich, but he also had a weird thing for Karen. I don’t dig the beard.


  • 19: Leland Owlsley– just an old numbers guy working for Fiske, he tried to save the business and kill Vanessa, he also thought Daredevil would be good for business. Maybe he wasn’t as smart as those glasses made him look.


  • 18: Melvin Potter– Melvin might have been a tad crazy but he made some cool gear, the dude can make suits out of kevlar and don’t even get me started on those billy clubs.


  • 17: Marci– at the start, Marci existed solely so Foggy could hit her with that sick roast. As the show went on things got better for her, she ended up helping on the “trial of the century” and she’s set to have a good role in Defenders. Talk about a step up.


  • 16: Josie– She makes it this high because she pretty much started Matt and Karen, and it’s straight out of the comic books, which are awesome.


  • 15: Elena Cardenas– SHE makes it this high for starting Karen and Foggy! Her death was kind of tragic but without her the series wouldn’t be the same.


  • 14: James Wesley: as a character Wesley was kind of boring, but he dropped some good references to other sections of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His greatest achievement was being killed by Karen Page.


  • 13: Turk Barret- this guy is hilarious, also he’s really good at survival considering he has been involved with Fisk, Cottonmouth and Diamondback and lived to tell the story.


  • 12: Father Lantom– once again a character makes it because of what he helps other characters do. In this case Lantom was responsible for some of the series most quotable moments, he also helped develop Matt’s sense of morality, a big theme in season 2.


  • 11: Nobu– Nobu is one of like four dudes who could beat up Daredevil, he’s also got some really cool weaponry and just like the Hand itself Nobu has been around for a long time and he’s really hard to get rid off.


  • 10: Brett Mahoney– poor Brett just wanted a normal life as a cop in Hell’s Kitchen. He made the mistake of befriending Matt and Foggy. Of course his life really turned around when he “caught” the Punisher and received that promotion that he always deserved.


  • 9: Foggy Nelson– Oh Foggy, what a tumultuous journey he embarked upon when he met Matt in college. He’s an incredibly underrated attorney who stood up to the DA and he really showed out during the Punisher trial. He’s got some great hair and his best friend put him through a lot of stuff he never asked for, but he was always loyal.


  • 8: Elektra– I really debated between her and Foggy but ultimately went with Elektra because of what she means to Matt’s past and to the plot of Defender’s. Her death was crushing to Matt which is probably going to make her revival in Defender’s all the more important.


  • 7: Ben Urich– I loved Ben and I yelled at my TV when Fisk killed him, he was a great reporter and an even better friend to Karen. Ben is a classic character from the Frank Miller DD comics and he wasn’t afraid of anything throughout the show. He was developed so well, I hope we can see him in a flashback one day.


  • 6: Claire Temple– Claire has developed a knack for finding superheroes and the way she is just so done with it all is what makes her so great. She’s an independent night nurse who don’t need no man.


  • 5: Stick– Stick’s one flaw is that to an extent he robs children of childhood, but there is no denying that he is a good teacher. In fact the episode in which he teaches Matt is one of the best in the whole series.


  • 4: Karen Page– Karen may be my favorite character on the whole show, when all of New York turned against Daredevil, Karen stood by him. She did the same thing for Frank when he was condemned. When she killed Wesley it was a powerful moment for the show and hints that Karen may have a dark and interesting past. I could go on for hours…


  • 3: Matthew Murdock– the Devil of Hell’s kitchen is torn apart inside. He may quite literally have the Devil in him and to make it all better he’s one great lawyer. Matt’s morality is a central point in Season 2 and his devotion to the city is unwavering, one of his many great qualities.


  • 2: Frank Castle– this one was a toss up. Frank lost his family in an accident, when the DA set up a sting that went south on her. Frank seeks revenge on the ones who killed his family and that hunt for justice is a strong point in the show. Jon Bernthal delivers a great performance and I can’t wait to see more of him.


  • 1: Wilson Fisk– Wilson Fisk is phenomenal, period. He’s highly complex and troubled, not to mention he’s just about untouchable. Like the other Marvel shows the villain is very “hate to love” I didn’t quite cheer for Fisk but i definitely didn’t want him gone either. I hope we get to see more of him throughout the series.

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