WARNING: There are huge spoilers ahead for Spider-Man Homecoming so if you haven’t seen it do not read this article.


  • The Villain– Michael Keaton’s Vulture is probably the best Marvel villain sans Loki and the Netflix villains. He’s got a lot of layers to him, for the bulk of the movie he’s a shallow killer with only some brief references to a family to counter that notion. When we learn about his family it adds a level to him, his motivation is his family and though his deeds are not righteous, his reasoning is.
  • The Third Act– The comic book movie’s greatest pit fall, the third act travesty is smoothly avoided. Homecoming is packed with tons of great moments in the film’s final minutes. Starting with the big reveal that Keaton is Liz Allen’s father, that moving scene in which Peter escapes the rubble and the final battle were all exciting turns. Marvel tends to create forgettable villains because they are easily defeated in the end. It was definitely a welcomed alternative to see that Keaton’s Vulture survived, hopefully we get to see him in future installments


  • Donald (freaking) Glover– My Man DG-Lover did not get the screen time he deserved, but he stole his one key scene. I’m always impressed by Glover’s acting and he was definitely in tune with his character here. Gambino is listed as the Prowler on Wikipedia, so maybe we could see him suit up in the sequel or third installment. He also dropped a cool mention to his nephew, who is probably Miles Morales.
  • The Spidey Suits– Three suits are featured in Spider-Man Homecoming. The homemade suit, the Civil War suit, and the final suit that he’s given at the Avengers compound. The homemade suit while crude and inefficient actually symbolized a lot. He didn’t need the fancier costume to defeat Vulture, all he needed was himself. That doesn’t mean the other two weren’t awesome though. The Civil War suit had all the bells and whistles, it was also very video game Spider Man and that’s definitely a good thing. Hopefully that final suit returns in Infinity War because it was really freaking cool.


  • The After Credits Scenes– I had heard a lot of cool things about these after credits scenes and they did not disappoint. The first one is really exciting because I think it’s the same prison Frank Castle was in. Which means Wilson Fisk is also there and he’s a very classic Spider-Man villain that i definitely want to see on the big screen. It also opens the door for a Daredevil team up. The last scene is just hilarious it’s slightly meta and, probably the hardest I’ve laughed while watching a Marvel movie.
  • The HumorHomecoming is effortlessly hilarious. Aunt May has some strong comedic moments, as does Ned, Peter and Zendaya’s character who is (surprise) Mary Jane is very funny as well. Homecoming doesn’t reach too far, and just about every joke hits the mark.


  • The Setting– Peter being a high school student is touched on in every Spider Man film adaptation, but it’s never been done as well as it is here. Peter’s school is an alley to certain events, like the rescue in DC. Instead of being something he routinely blows off.
  • The Plot Twists– YES! The plot twists were my favorite part about this movie. When you discover the truth about Michael Keaton’s character it really changes the direction of the movie and it doesn’t feel forced at all. The Mary Jane reveal was pretty cool too, and it was welcomed after the departure of Liz Allen* (Update: the director confirmed that Zendaya is not Mary Jane, which makes this twist actually pretty dumb). Zendaya was a good choice to replace Liz especially because Spider Man without a love interest just isn’t Spider Man.
  • The ToneHomecoming is the first movie since The Winter Solider that doesn’t feel like an MCU movie. The found footage shots from Peter, the fact that it all took place on street level, and the teenage cast were some things that set it apart from previous MCU installments. I’m definitely not tired of the MCU formula but a new take on it all was refreshing.

    Tom Holland

  • Tom Holland’s Peter Parker– Tom Holland is the best gosh darn Peter Parker I’ve ever seen. He has all the elements that make Spider-Man great in the comics. He has the voice, the mannerisms, the immaturity and the acrobatic abilities to pull off this character with perfection. I knew I liked him when I saw him in Civil War but I never expected he would be as good as he is. It’s obvious when an actor enjoys playing a character and when he doesn’t. In Spider-Man homecoming, Tom Holland is clearly in love with his character and it makes this movie great.

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