When season 6 ended, it looked as though Daenerys Targaryen would run away with the Iron Throne by the shows end. After all she has three dragons (the medieval equivalent of nuclear weapons), 150,000 Dothaki Screamers, an army of Unsullied and a fleet of ships at her disposal. Fast forward to season 7 episode 3 and she now has just the Dothraki and the Dragons. Euron has eliminated Yara’s fleet and Jamie Lannister has effectively taken the Unsullied out of the equation. Daenerys has said that she has no desire to be “queen of the ashes” but she may have no choice at this point. In two battles Daenerys’ forces have yet to put up a fight. No offense to Jamie Lannister but theres no way he could’ve perfectly timed his attack on High Garden and the attack on Casterly Rock. This means that logically there has to be a mole on Daenerys’ war council, so let’s break down the possible culprits.


  • Lord Varys– The Spider is the easy choice to be the heavily theorized spy in Dany’s midst. He’s been a sneaky guy since season 1, and because he serves “the realm” that really gives him a pass to sneak around to any ruler he wants. A second option with Varys is that maybe his former birds have become loyal to Maester Cyburn and perhaps Varys doesn’t know he’s the leak.


  • Missandei– Yes, it seems very unlikely that Missandei is the leak, after all she’s been serving Daenerys for years without a whiff of betrayal. But what if Missandei isn’t actually who she says she is. There’s a long running theory that she is a faceless assassin because she refers to herself as “this one” similar to “a girl”. If Missandei  is in fact a faceless then she could be someone else under a mask. If there really is someone else under that face, who could it be, and is that person the mole?


  • Tyrion Lannister– Remember is season 4 when Tyrion was freed by his older brother Jaimie? Yeah well seems like Tyrion should owe Jamie for that, and a Lannister always pays his debts. We all know Tyrion hates Cersei, just as he hated Tywin, but he always had a bond with Jaimie. It’s possible that Tyrion has been feeding info to Jaimie as a thank you for freeing him all those years ago. Possible, yes. Likely? No.


  • No One– Theres a photo of Jaqen here because he’s no one not because i think he’s plotting agaisnt Dany for some reason. Game of Thrones fans love to theorize but what if there is no leak? Maybe Jaimie and Randall Tarly are just that good. Yes, it’s boring but it’s nothing if not likely.