With only 7 episodes left of Game Of Thrones until it’s wrapped up for good (sort of) we all knew that pieces would be moving across the board very quickly during season 7. The field of contenders for the Iron Throne had to be whittled down to only a few core characters, Jon Snow needed to turn his attention to the White Walkers and Littlefinger has to die right., but nothing could’ve prepared me for this. Now all notions of time and distance have been thrown to the wind. Ravens have evolved into text messages, dragons are faster than 747s and Tyrion (whose character has been reduced to nothing) can get to King’s Landing in a matter of minutes. Here’s a hilarious map that pretty much sums up the insane traveling habits of this season with Jon Snow’s traveling habits since Hardhome, compared to the Knight King’s travels in the same period.3sxbrmy

This season has also shown us: Euron sailing around the continent in an episode, Dany flying across the map and Gentry running a days hike in a matter of hours. Gone are the days of a three episode trip to Castle Black from Winterfell, this is a new Game of Thrones where anything is possible, and yet has only had one compelling death so far (oh well). Season 7 did however manage to create a storyline that is somehow worse than Dorne (looking at you Arya) and managed to ruin Littlefinger, Tyrion and Jaimie by reducing the first two to side characters and the third to Cercei’s plaything. The penultimate season of the greatest television series ever’s list of sins are lengthy, and all this movement has made the show, well very much like a ladder-that is to say chaotic.

It’s more fun to criticize, but Season 7 does deserve praise for the many things, including the cinematography. The directors and post production teams have created battles on a scale we’ve never seen on television before. It’s also important to note that this show is still by all means the best thing on television. Losing the books as a fall back option definitely hurt the show, and while season 7 is probably one of the worst so far, that is on a Game of Thrones scale. It’s like my favorite podcast Oysters, Clams and Cockles always says before rating each episode “this is a comparison to Game of Thrones. If we compared them to TV they’d all be perfect 10’s”.

With one episode left in this season, lots of loose ends will be tied up, Cleganebowl might happen, and a meeting of main characters is happening on a never before seen scale, lots to look forward to.


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