In 2005, LaCroix sparkling water was the stuff. My mom kept our fridge stocked to the brim with it; at the time I couldn’t have imagined anything worse than drinking a whole can. Flash forward to 2017 and LaCroix has become cool again. The Whole Foods in New York City have aisles of the “naturally essenced” sparkling water, people are donning their Pamplemousse hats, playing LaCroix fantasy football, posting LaCroix memes wearing LaCroix cans for Halloween, and showing up in big cities for festivals centered around, you guessed it, LaCroix. I jumped on the LaCroix bandwagon as fast as I could. As my love for this strange bubbly beverage grew I tried flavor after flavor, accumulating my opinions. I eventually grew into what I am today, a self-proclaimed LaCroix expert.

So here is a list of the original LaCroix flavors.

14. Coconut


A good thought, but poor execution. Coconut LaCroix tastes the way Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen smells.


13. Peach-Pear


I love peach, but this weird combination is way to heavy on the pear. The can art is ugly, and it tastes a little bit like vomit


12. Orange


Ever been to a soda machine and gotten Fanta, but the ratio was off and you didn’t get enough syrup? If you answered yes, then you’ve had Orange flavored LaCroix


11. Berry


LaCroix thrives on citrus-y flavors, pretty much the exact opposite of berry. It’s not necessarily bad, but it definitely isn’t good either. Its flavor is as vague as its name, which doesn’t define any specific berries.


10. Cran-Raspberry


Sickly sweet and way too fizzy, cran-raspberry misses the mark where other, similar flavors like passionfruit deliver in full.


9. Pure


From this point on every flavor is good, pure just happens to be the least good flavor. Essentially it’s just carbonated water, but it’s actually really good. Not too fizzy and not too flat, in a word it’s cleansing.


8. Mango


Shockingly tasty and yet aggressively adequate. If you offered me a mango I would never refuse it, conversely, I would never spend my own $3.33 on an 8 pack.

6.9 (nice) /10

7. Apricot


Apricot is a hidden gem of a flavor. It’s got a great sweet flavor that almost feels tropical, the perfect replacement for coconut. Apricot suffers from the fact that it has a weird name, an ugly can and it’s hard to find in stores. Don’t let that dissuade you, apricot is worth the pursuit.


6. Lemon


the top 6 is insanely hard to choose between, at this point every flavor is superb. Lemon is great, but it’s probably the worst of the citruses not named orange. Lemon’s greatest quality is its re-drink-ability, I could down ten lemons in less than an hour.


5. Passionfruit


Again, such a great flavor. Passionfruit is packed with flavor, but it’s not overwhelming a delicate balance. Passionfruit is best enjoyed while listening to the accompanying Drake song.


4. Pamplemousse


Pamplemousse is the most popular flavor of LaCroix, but this mainly stems from the way you feel when you say the French word for grapefruit rather than the drink itself. Grapefruit as a drink is a bold idea, but it works marvelously here. Not to mention it has some of the best can art, because who cares about your LaCroix if it doesn’t look good.


3. Tangerine


Tangerine does everything right that orange does wrong. Where orange is diluted soda, tangerine has managed to achieve the taste of a liquefied tangerine. Tangerine is the most unexpected of flavors, it isn’t the best sure, but it’s my personal favorite.


2. Lime


Lime is probably the best flavor of LaCroix. It’s crisp, refreshing and classic, it goes with anything and everything. Lime is the zenith of LaCroix, in fact, lime is so good that it is its own worst enemy.


1. Key Lime

Full Frame Of Lime

Honestly, I don’t know how I got a case of Key Lime LaCroix. It is not on the flavor roster for fantasy football and it’s nowhere to be found online or in any stores except for Target. I couldn’t even find a real photo of it for this post. If this was a mistake, and I’m the first person to ever drink one of these fizzy masterpieces then let me be the first to say; it’s incredible. Lime was the best, but key lime is the improved version, therefore Key Lime is now the best. It’s like lime but smoother and more savory. Lime is perfection, but Key Lime is better.


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