Honorable Mentions:

SoberSober is so soothing that when you listen to it you just might fall asleep, until that bass drop. While Sober is undoubtedly a great song it has zero rap and as a pop/funk song it just doesn’t match up to something like Redbone.

The Worst Guys– This song has a lot of great things to it. It’s technically a Chance feature even though he only says five words, but he definitely makes the song better by being there. I would love to hear the full version with a true Chance verse but until that day comes it doesn’t quite make it.

We Ain’t Them– This song is like a poor man’s Outside. Where Outside is his life before the fame, We Ain’t Them is his life during it. It’s still captivating but it lacks the vocals that make Outside so good.


5. Outside–  This spot was really a toss up between Sober, Outside and The Worst Guys. Ultimately I went with Outside because I would be remiss if there wasn’t a song on here from before Because The Internet. Prior to 2013 all of Gambino’s songs were more personable than they are now, Outside is a prime example of this. It’s a ballad about Glover’s life and they way he grew up, an intimate look into his childhood, family and lifestyle before the fame. Listen to it right here.


4. Sweatpants– One of those songs that you just enjoy rapping. Sweatpants combines the old punch line rapping from his Camp days, paired with his new flow from Because The Internet. Sweatpants also comes with a classic, trippy artsy music video, the Childish Gambino special. Watch the music video here.


3. Redbone– Arguably Gambino’s biggest hit, Redbone is not only the best song on his album Awaken My Love, it’s also the most well-orchestrated song he’s ever made. This certified double platinum radio hit paired with all his recent success in other fields has elevated Donald to superstar status. If you have the time, invest 7 minutes in the video the making of Redbone


2. 3005– this song is another perfect mix of rap and vocals that has unlimited replayability. It’s more than just a good song though, it’s actually a set of wedding vows from his screenplay. It’s also a song about being afraid of what the future holds, pretty poignant stuff. Watch the music video here.


1. Telegraph Ave.– Donald Glover does a lot of things to the highest ability. Glover puts a lot of them on display with Telegraph Ave. His vocals are perfect and he raps really well on what is probably his best verse from Because The Internet. The music video is also really beautiful, it’s got some really great aerial shots and a twist ending. All together Telegraph Ave is the culmination of Donald’s talents, that’s what makes it his best work. Watch the music video here.

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